Swift Spark Blog #1: It Started Somewhere

A while back I expressed my interest in writing a diary-like series of blogs, going through my thoughts and feelings from my years developing Swift Spark. Things have
gone incredibly fast since 2016, all things considered. Three years ago, I
never would’ve imagined I would have animated an entire pilot episode by myself.
I still have a long way to go in my career, but even the prospects of it
getting picked up this fall are making me giddy like the kid I was when I
started this journey. But that’s for a different blog post!

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Creator Entitlement

Creating something is scary, and I get the frustration that comes with getting ignored as a beginner in favour of the shiny, professional productions. But don't let the silence discourage you. In fact, as a beginner, it's better to get 'ignored' rather than become famous overnight, as if you fail to meet people's perceived standards, there's one thing they're good at - spewing hate.

It's better to work on something quietly, in your own little space, where you and your project can grow together, rather than to be thrown into the limelight before you're ready and to be torn apart by the lions of the internet.

And as for the "well Yoda said" crowd - Yoda was telling Luke to work hard so he could eventually get his X-wing out of the water, or to stay certain he couldn't do it & just leave it there. Luke wasn't even trying, he was just saying "I can't do that, that's impossible". If you start off with that mindset, it's already over.

"You must unlearn what you've learned" - you must rid yourself of the mindset that you can't do it. You can't half-ass something, assuming you'll fail anyway, and then say "well, told you - I tried." No, you didn't.

You have to give it your everything, your best shot, and... probably fail. And then try again, and fail again. And again. Until you succeed.

You can try and fail, or you can try (and keep trying) and succeed. And even if you still fail after a hundred attempts, that's okay. It's the mindset that matters.

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