Swift Spark and the Defense Five: Issue One: The Red Spark’s Story / The First Spark

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Are you a fan of superheroes and independently published comics? Then Swift Spark and the Defense Five is a must-read!

Sixteen-year-old James Riverdale treads into the footsteps of his superhero father. Together with his friends, he is on a mission to find out what really happened to the Red Spark, who disappeared without a trace years earlier – as well as stop VIPER Inc., a corporation dedicated to creating supervillains to do their bidding. James has to learn what it means to be a superhero, as well as balance the life of an ordinary high school boy with the responsibilities of his secret identity.

The first issue of Swift Spark and the Defense Five contains the prologue and the first chapter.

Prologue: The Red Spark’s Story
The Red Spark introduces himself – and explains how his superhero powers came to be.

Chapter One: The First Spark
When James is cornered by a bully, he discovers his superpowers for the first time.

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