Based on the webcomic of the same name, Swift Spark and the Defense Five follows the adventures of sixteen-year-old James Riverdale as he treads into the footsteps of his superhero father. Together with his friends, he is on a mission to find out what really happened to the Red Spark, who disappeared without a trace years earlier – as well as stop VIPER Inc., a corporation dedicated to creating supervillains to do their bidding. James has to learn what it means to be a superhero, as well as balance the life of an ordinary high school boy with the responsibilities of his secret identity.

Back in 2016, I began development of a webcomic, titled ‘Swift Spark and the Defense Five’. The story surrounds James, a teenager turned superhero, who takes up his father’s secret identity as he tries to find out what really happened to him. Together with his friends, he protects his home from the supervillains his father tried to defeat years earlier.

The story has grown from a passion project to something much bigger; the story I’d like to take into the professional entertainment world. Currently, I’m developing a pilot alongside the webcomic, providing exclusive Patreon content in exchange for funds for the pilot. Click the logo up top to visit the website, or check out the socials down below!