James Riverdale is fifteen when he discovers he has superpowers.
​To add to the shock, he learns he is the son of a superhero who went missing ten years earlier – the Red Spark. Determined to find his father, James treads into the footsteps of the Red Spark and becomes the Swift Spark.

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A young hero meets four unlikely allies in his quest to defeat VIPER, a company specialized in creating DNA-modified supervillains, and finding his father, who disappeared after quitting his job at VIPER.

James has to come to terms with his abilities and learn how to control them – all while staying out of VIPER’s clutches, making sure the people of New York City don’t hate him enough to run him out of town, as well as keeping the city safe.

Will he find his father? That question remains unanswered for now.

This comic is a sci-fi, action comedy. Click the logo to visit!