Fighting your fear of growing up

About the Film

IMAGINE is a metaphor of being afraid of growing up. 
Creating IMAGINE was surprisingly easier DIFFERENT. The second project for my graduation art class.
Our assignment was to pick a certain term from a list and create a visual piece with it.
A short explanation of the theme and the story: I used the English term ‘gravity’ and used an alternative meaning, using one of the given terms to develop my own concept. The concept lies behind the idea of ​​the ‘strict parent’ who prefers to see their their child grow up and be an independent, responsible adult as quickly as possible, so that they are ready to make independent choices in an adult world. When a parent pushes their child like this, the child will often want the opposite; sometimes children even develop a fear of growing up.
Yes, many young children want to grow up because they think they’ll be finally ‘free’; they’ll no longer have to go to school, and won’t have to listen to their parents. But children who know how things are going in the adult world (these children are usually a bit older, around 16 or 17) will want to stay a child for as long as possible. The antagonist in the film represents maturity; he wants to get Kyle, the protagonist, down to the ground, ‘down to earth’. If he hits the ground, he will be unable to fly. Flying represents children’s dreams, the freedom that being young actually offers. Of course, by using his imagination, Kyle learns how to escape this fate.
Then everything turns out to be a dream. Or did Kyle put himself back on the ground, without realizing it? His mother eventually appears to have turned around; the two play together, and the thought of growing up is forgotten for now.
I would have liked to have extended this story even further, because it is perhaps a bit difficult to understand why Kyle and his mother respond to one another’s behaviour like this without context. I have tried to depict this in the way Kyle hides his sword when he sees his mother and her initial rather angry-looking response. Unfortunately I did not have time for this and I would have ended up with a half finished project, so I limited the film to this selection of scenes.

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