About Pan-tastique

Peter, or Pan, full artist name Pantastique (pronounced Pan-tas-teek) is a freelance artist and 2D animator from The Netherlands. Peter has decided to focus on running his business full-time, but still dreams of going to art school in the near future. Peter is available for freelance projects in various animated and illustrated forms.

What can I do for you?

What can I do, that no one else can do?

If you know what the page title and above phrase are a reference to, then you’re certainly in the right place.

My commissions pages will give you a full overview of what we can do together, but here’s a quick list:


  • Inbetweening for existing animations.
  • Storyboards and animatics based off your scripts!
  • Full rough animations, based on your storyboard or from the ground up!
  • Full animations, such as explainer-animations, short films, and more!
  • Full animations, but with special effects, for that extra bit of ‘pzazz’.
  • Logo animations, with or without mascots!

I can also provide voice overs, music and sound effects, but this may come at extra costs depending on the license required.


  • ‘Regular’ illustrations; anything that features characters!*
  • Pet portraits, because they deserve some love too.
  • Character designs, references and turnarounds!

*Regular illustrations are 99% of my commissions! If not sure if your idea counts as ‘regular’, feel free to reach out and ask!


Frequently asked questions top 3!

…That depends. In all cases, ask me first, unless you purchased a commission from me.

In all cases, you are required to:

  • Tag me in your post, or in your bio should you use my art as an avatar.
  • NEVER, EVER crop, edit, or otherwise change my art.
  • You cannot use my art in YouTube videos without my explicit permission: ask first!
  • ALL Animations are PROHIBITED from being reposted or being edited. Please ask permission if you want to make a reaction video featuring my videos.
  • Selling my artwork is NOT allowed. Not on Redbubble, not on Etsy – not anywhere. Commercial use commissions are an exception to this rule – tied to strict rules.
  • Using it for charity counts as selling and is therefore NOT allowed.
  • You cannot post my art to websites I do not have a profile on. I likely have a good reason I don’t have a profile there.

Otherwise, you are free to download my art, and/or use it as a desktop/phone background. If you want to reupload it anywhere publicly, refer to these rules and always ask first if you want to repost my work. Unauthorized use of my art is at risk of receiving a DMCA notification. Reposts of my art without proper credit will also be subject to a DMCA.

Alternatively to reposting my art and/or animations, you can retweet/reblog/share it instead!


Nope! Don’t bother e-mailing me.

I generally check all social media at least once a day and am open to DMs on most sites, but if it’s urgent, please e-mail me at contact@pan-tastique.com

Alternatively, see the contact section down below!

Contact & social media

If the information on this page has got you excited to work with me, or get to know me better, here’s all the places you can find me online!