About Pan-tastique

Hi there! My name is Peter, but you can call me Pan. I’m a Dutch freelance illustrator and 2D animator based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Currently I’m juggling my freelance gig and a full-time course at Hogeschool Inholland, Rotterdam. I’m following this course to help me grow my professional skills.
Unfortunately I haven’t had a lot of big clients yet; as of the moment of writing this, my client base has consisted of mainly individuals, but I would love to take on business clients for illustrative and animated work.

My YouTube channel, also fittingly titled after my business, Pan-tastique, is a great passion for me, a place for me to express my creativity and interact with and grow my community. Whilst I enjoy making content on the platform, I don’t consider YouTube my main source of income, but more of an extension of my business and an excellent way to expand my reach in the modern age.

As you might guess after talking to me or seeing me, yes; I’m transgender, female to male to be precise. I found out about this when I was thirteen. I still do hope that you don’t judge me for my identity, but for my skill and the work I can produce. I have only included this in my bio out of a desire to be transparent and to clear up any confusion my clients may have. I’m not ashamed of my identity and refuse to hide it, but other than this small bit of text, I wish not to discuss or draw further attention to the fact.

As mentioned before, I don’t have much experience working for business clients yet, but I most definitely would be excited to do so! I would love to hear from you about any projects you think would suit me and my work, so please don’t hesitate to send me a quick e-mail.

Please note – as a professional artist, I do not take unpaid requests. Check my social media for special events that might be the one exception to this rule – I do give away some free art every now and then.

What can I do for you?

What can I do, that no one else can do?

If you know what the page title and above phrase are a reference to, then you’re certainly in the right place.

I work with both individuals and companies.

Educational and novel/children’s book illustrations

  • Bring a story to life with unique imagery to get lost in, and make difficult lessons into a journey.

Mascots, logos, character designs

  • Animation is all about strong character design. A good, recognisable logo is vital for a strong brand. A mascot makes it fun!

Background illustrations

  • Give your games, animations, apps or websites an extra dimension – make them truly stand out, and immersive enough for the player to think they’ve stepped into another world.

Pet portraits

  • Because your best friend is a member of the royal family, who deserves their own royal painting proudly showing on the mantle.

Gifts for business relations and corporate identity designs

  • My custom items are ideal gifts for your business relations. Make your corporate identity stand out by having it designed by an artist!

Unique gifts for friends and family

  • Whether they’re items from my convention booth, items with your commissioned artwork on it, or just a digital commissioned piece – your friends and family are sure to be pleasantly surprised.

Pieces for yourself, for a reason or just for fun

  • My work doesn’t always have to be for an occasion or for a company. Treat yourself to a piece of your imagination come to life before your eyes!

Educational/instructional animations

  • Capture the audience’s attention by a clear-cut, yet entertaining instructional or educational film featuring crisp, colourful animation.

Storytelling animation

  • Whether you need an animatic for your pitch project, an extra helping hand on your short film, or want to work more closely with me – I’ll always make sure your animation stands out.

Animated music videos

  • Have you written a song, and do you want millions of views on YouTube with an unique music video? I’ll create an immersive story that is sure to catch the audience’s attention.


Some of my work



As a new business, I have yet to amass a large number of business clients – I have had the privilege to work for a variety of individual customers; of course these are not listed here to protect their privacy, but the work I’ve done for them can be seen in my portfolio! I’ve also made sure to include some individual commission work in the slideshow above.

Stichting the New Enterpeneur, specifically the project ZomerOndernemer, is a client I used to be a client of. A summer project intended to help youths start up their own business, ZomerOndernemer Rotterdam helped me finally make the step to full-on freelancing! I also was the “winner” of 2019’s edition of the project in Rotterdam.

If you’re a company looking for an artist and would like to join this list, do not hesitate to reach out!


Let’s bring your imagination to life – together!

As a young, starting entrepreneur/freelancer (I’m secretly hoping to get to open my own studio someday), I’m always excited to hear someone wants to work with me! No matter the size of the project or the client, I’m always willing to work with you and will make sure your project looks exactly as you imagined it. For inquiries, questions or just to say hi, don’t be shy about sending me an e-mail or shooting me a message on Whatsapp!

(When reaching out by phone for the first time, please do only send me a Whatsapp or a text, especially if you’re international – phone calls from strangers scare me (stupid telemarketers!), and international phone charges scare me even more.)




+31 0651609905